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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  August 27, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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not clear when those shots will resume. >> reporter: law enforcement has actually reached out to us and said hey, if you're doing a live shot somewhere, let us know and we'll be there. we'll help you. so we appreciate that. >> in a show of solidarity the station's staff stood together for a late afternoon news conference. the general manager detailed flanagan's record and his termination from the station. he said all of his references checked out, but once he started working he bothered everyone in the newsroom. just a day after the horrific on air shooting wdbj employees pulled together for today's broadcast. >> the news shows were filled with stories about the two young people who were killed and included a moment of silence. peggy fox has more from the tv station in roanoke. >> reporter: the growing memorial has been a comfort to the wdbj station. as the day started, the morning news team working through enormous sadness got back to work with the memories of adam
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and alison on their minds. >> it was yesterday around this time that we went live to allison parker and for the journal -- alison parker and photojournalist adam ward out in the field. >> reporter: 24 hours earlier a former employee vest are lee flanagan shot and killed -- vester lee flanagan shot and killed reporter alison parker and photojournalist adam ward. mostly anchor kim mcbroom said she's just sad. >> please join us now in a moment of silence. i just know if it had been me that they would be telling my story. they would be trying to honor me. >> reporter: employees cloaked back dealers as they told their friend -- choked back tears as they told their friends' life stories. a former wdbj news executive answered reporters' questions for hours. >> yesterday was the worst day of my career and for most people in this newsroom. >> we're supposed to be on that side of the story, not on the
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front of the story, youen. we're supposed to be looking at the -- you know, we're supposed to be looking at the story and we've now become the story and that's a strange place to be. >> reporter: ribbons employees were wearing, blue for alison and maroon for adam who loved his alma mater virginia tech. nadine was going to be in adam's wedding. he had proposed to morning producer. throughout the day people brought more flowers, plants, balloons, flowers to the memorial out front. >> kudos to all those people in there who are carrying on and doing their job in spite of the pain they must be feeling. >> reporter: in roanoke peggy fox, wusa9. >> mean time alison parker's father is doing the best he can to cope with the loss of his daughter. he spoke with cbs' kris van cleave late last night. >> reporter: how do you even
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begin to process what happened today? >> i don't. i've gone -- the day has gone from total shock and disbelief to abject grief where i've been crying my eyes out all day long. >> andy parker told cnn that he will actively fight for gun control if he needs to calling on politicians to create sensible laws to keep crazy people from getting guns. the woman who survived the shooting is doing better on air. vicki gardner was shot in the chest, went through emergency surgery and is in stable condition recovering. gardner is the executive director of the smith mountain lake chamber of commerce where the shooting happened. and the shooting in virginia made front page news around the world. this morning at the museum dozens of newspaper front pages show how the tragedy was covered beyond the united states. many of the stories focused on the horror of the murders and how they played out on live tv
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and social media. so was yesterday's tragedy preventible had vester flanagan gotten help? andrea mccarren talked to a noted clinical psychologist. andrea? >> jan, dr. samanoa was the expert who interviewed leroy malvo for 34 hours to learn what made his criminal mind tick. this afternoon he shared his insight into the mind of vester flanagan. >> so far we do not have the ability to predict who is going to commit a mass murder. >> reporter: dr. stanton saminou does not describe vester flanagan as mentally ill. he said the cold blooded killer knew exactly what he was doing and carried out a well planned ambush. >> even though these are the two homicides we know about, how many times in his mind had he killed people whom he found offensive? we'll never know.
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>> reporter: in fact, in flanagan's rambling 23 page suicide note obtained by wusa9, the former reporter wrote, "in the final weeks of my life i put on a smiley face to disguise what was to come." >> one can blame the media. one can blame guns, but we have to come back to the person himself and who he was before this ever occurred. this man was troubled. >> reporter: flanagan detailed multiple confrontations with employers, colleagues and family members but blamed everyone but himself. >> vester flanagan. >> some of these people, i hate to say it, even if there were massive resources available, will resist treatment because they don't want to submit to anybody. >> reporter: "i've been a human powder keg for a while just waiting to go boom," flanagan wrote. we looked into statistics for
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workplace violence and the most recent data is from 2013. the bureau of labor statistics reported more than 23,000 significant injuries due to assaults at work and more than 400 homicides. jan? >> andrea, thank you. at a news conference this afternoon flanagan's former employer wdbj tv said it had ordered the troubled employee to get counseling through its employee assistance program and the company said he did what he was asked to do. wal-mart is going to stop selling semiautomatic rifles including ar15s. a spokesperson said the decision was made earlier this year because fewer people are buying them. the sport rifles were being sold at less than 1/3 of the company's stores. d.c. police are on the scene of a shooting just outside of the washington arts diocese pastoral center. one adult male was taken from that scene with bun got wound is conscious and breathe --
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gunshot wounds and is is conscious and breathing. police received a call just after 3:00. one witness told wusa9 she heard eight or nine gunshots, saw two cars, one black, one silver flying down the road. witnesses say a shooter was in one of those cars firing at the other through a window. 103 homicides in d.c. so far this year, 103 lives shattered, that is a stunning 43% increase and the mayor is desperate to staunch the flow of the blood. [ yelling ] >> may mayor bowser had to shout over angry protesters. the mayor announced she's put 182 officers on the streets additionally and wants to spend another $15 million, but the protesters insist more cops is
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the wrong approach. >> did you see what they're doing? i live here. i've got a daughter. >> she comes to a community neating with gun -- meeting with guns and kids. that's not the answer. >> i will not be shouted down or scared away when it comes to the safety of the people of the district of columbia. >> now the mayor wants to give police more powers to fight crime including the right to search for firearms in the homes of violent offenders who are out of jail under supervision. she insists she's not out to arrest more black men. she says she's out to save their lives. tonight a prince george's county man is behind bars charged with killing his girl friend's 1-year-old son. police arrested 28-year-old osmond sasay of riverdale. the little boy was found unresponsive at the home the suspect shared with the boy's mom on august 1st. he was pronounced dead later
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that day. an autopsy determined ahmed died from multiple blunt force injuries. sasay is charged with first degree murder and first degree child abuse. to tropical storm erika now, police say the storm killed at least four people as the rain triggered mudslides in dominica. floridians are watching to see what the storm will do next. the state's governor said they are prepared with 8,000 national guard members ready to be deployed. residents are also told to have three days worth of food and water available just in case. first alert meteorologist howard bernstein is here with us now to talk more about where erika is going. >> yeah. erika is going toward puerto rico. it dropped about a foot of rain in dominica and caused all sorts of problems with flooding and fatalities, a ragged looking storm. most of the action is on the east side of the center. i'm switching it over to visibility satellite and you might be able to pick up the center circulation right there. so almost all the thunderstorms
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east and that's disorganized in the tropical sense of the word, just not looking good. however, if it can survive the next couple days and get past the dominican republic, it's got a chance to get a lot stronger. so they've want tropical storm warnings up for puerto rico, the virgin islands, the dominican republic. forecast takes it over the southwest part of puerto rico. the north and east part of the dominican republic. if it's more over the center part, mountains will disrupt the circulation. it will be a mess and may fall apart. if it survives, it may head towards the bahamas and then we'll have to watch it for south east florida, real near palm beach 2:00 monday as potentially a hurricane. right now this trek has it parallel to the coast, could be over to the west or east. there's a lot of room for it to move. we definitely will watch it, but the threat to the southeast part of the u.s. certainly growing here for early next week, back with full weather in a few minutes. wall street shrugged off a
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late day wobble recovering more recent declines. the day's gains came with encouraging signals on the u.s. economy with further help coming for a strong rally for shares in china. stocks closed more than 2% higher. the dow jones industrial average was up about 370 points for the day. the pandemonium over the remaining giant baby panda continues at the national zoo. keepers say the newborn panda cub is healthy and nursing throughout the night after sadly its smaller twin died. >> this is great news for the other panda cub. this is new video released hours ago it. shows mei xiang taking care of her baby just like any mommy would. you can even hear the little cub making noises perhaps testing out his vocal chords. he's growing more fur and getting a bit more plump. tomorrow the zoo will announce the cub's gender and which panda is the cub's daddy. >> the baby panda daddy, all right. we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00, to some
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serious stuff here, a maryland woman found dead in her home with her infant right next to her. scott broom has new information on this heartbreaking death investigation. that's coming at 5:30. >> who is up and down, the potential shakeup in the presidential campaign. we're tracking the numbers of. >> reporter: the body of a 16- year-old mount vernon high school student has been recovered. i'm surae chinn. that story is coming up.
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he's a pyromaniac. he's a total maniac. hey! hey! go back to your wife you sociopath! leave slow internet behind. the 100% fiber optics network is here. get out of the past. get fios. tea? now $79.99 a month. go online or call now. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v a 16-year-old fairfax county high school student went missing in the potomac river last night and this afternoon divers recovered the teenager's body. stew sue is live in mount veer -- surae chinn is live in mount
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vernon. surae? >> reporter: he was only 16 and yet he was going to be a senior at mount vernon high school and instead of looking forward to an exciting new school year, his family is preparing for his funeral. >> so young. >> reporter: diana correia didn't even know the teenager but gets emotional about the drowning death of 16-year-old vladimir antonio perez flores. >> it's sad that a kid that's 16 would drown. >> reporter: diers entered the water this afternoon after -- divers entered the water this afternoon after a side scanning sonar got a hit. the team quickly found and recovered the body of vladimir flores who went fishing saturday night off gw parkway and stratford lane in mount vernon. flores went into the water for a swim but then had trouble staying afloat. >> he went further into the water and at that point he was pulled downstream and that's when he became in distress. >> reporter: a friend and a good samaritan went into the
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water to try to help but lost sight of him. it was 8:30 last night. it was dark and his friends couldn't find him. >> don't go in the water. i mean it's dangerous. >> reporter: his family and friends want the public to know that he was a bright kid. he played piano. he was religious. he went to church every week and he could lighten up the room. in mount vernon surae chinn, wusa9. fairfax county -- >> fairfax county schools has been made aware of the tragedy and they're providing crisis counselors. lesli? let's talk a little campaign 2016 now. a new poll could potentially shake up the presidential campaign. it shows donald trump gaining strength, hillary clinton losing momentum and a surge in support for a politician who is not yet even in the running. quinnipiac university now finds trump at 28%, more than double his closest republican competitor. it also found that among democratic voters hillary clinton has lost 10 points in a month down to 45 but still
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twice as much as bernie sanders, but it is vice president joe biden who is not even yet a candidate who comes away a winner. >> if joe biden were on the fence if one were advising him, they'd have to look at these numbers and say everybody else is not looking great and you look terrific. >> biden is expected to announce a decision next month. he met today with a leader of one of the most powerful and largest unions, the aflcio and that group has not yet endorsed a candidate. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> so keeping a close eye on erika right now. >> yeah. kind of a mess from a meteorological perspective even though it did all the rainfall in the dominica and will probably bring much needed rain to puerto rico because they've got drought conditions, hopefully not too much too quickly. i'm showing you the computer models, another tool we use to try to figure out where the tropical systems are going. there's a tight cluster here in
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southwest puerto rico and the northern coast of the dominican republic. after that it's still a pretty good consensus it's going to head towards caicos. the farther out in time the spread gets more and more and this gets important because even though the general cluster is here, it's certainly possible that's on the right idea or that's on the right idea. forecasters, we have to try to figure out the most likely scenario. it's called probalistic forecasting. you'll notice some other models by tuesday afternoon there's three of them trying to bring it to cape hatteras. so clearly anybody from cape hatteras down to miami has to watch this storm very carefully. for us another day, beautiful, but the allergens improved a little bit. ragweed today is high and mold spores dropped to moderate, so a little relief. here we are now looking real
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good at 5:00, 81 degrees, dew point 55, so still very comfortable out there with that humidity at 41% with temperatures in the 70s and 80s, reedville only got to 80 today and the mountains still holding only in the low 60s, feeling a lot like september than august, but the heat is going to be back. humidity levels in the 30s and 40s for the most part, so a very comfortable afternoon all thanks to high pressure which is not far from lexington, kentucky, northerly flow bringing us that cooler drier air. this front still kind of a cloudy damp time over at the beaches in the carolinas and that high will give us another couple nice days around here. speaking of the beaches, we're talking about a pretty good weekend to head over toward the beach this coming weekend, temperatures great friday and saturday in the low 80s, waters temps in the mid-70s, milder sunday but still good in the mid-80s. our forecast around here for tonight clear to partly cloudy, comfortably cool, 55 to 65, still a couple spots might be in the low 50s with light
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winds, tomorrow kind of like today but a touch warmer. we start in the 50s and 60s. we'll finish out 82 to 87 and still not humid. that's the key. over the weekend saturday 88, hot not humid. so saturday night should be fine for the football preseason game at baltimore, stray storm sunday, but better chance of that's in the mountains. as you look at the extended forecast monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday a lot of heat, low rain chances, an isolated storm here or there. we'll be back with more (plays throughout)
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terrifying moments for some enpass gerswaiting for a bus in china when a sinkhole opened up right under their feet. four of the people were hurt. the footage you see here was captured, man, from a security camera on top of a noodle shop near that bus stop, amazing that no one died. despite losing her latest appeal a kentucky judge refusing to grant marriage licenses to same sex couples citing her christian faith and constitutional right to religious liberty. a federal appeals court issued an order that upheld a judge's
5:24 pm
order to issue the licenses. in tonight's consumer alert honda, ford, gm, bmw, some of the world's largest car companies facing a class action lawsuit over the dangers of keyless ignitions, the claims that for 10 years automakers knew about the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning when key less vehicles continue to run when drivers leave the car. the lawsuit charges 13 carbon monoxide deaths are linked to the problem. sara lee, kroger, just a few of the brands of bread pulled from shelves because of small pieces of glass found on the outside of the product. the various breads are sold in 11 states and that includes virginia and west virginia. we've done a lot of stories about target lately. target will not face charges by the sec. the company reports in a quarterly filing that the agency will not recommend an
5:25 pm
enforcement action and is closing its investigation, but the ftc and various states' attorney general are continuing their probe into the hacking that put millions of personal customer informations at risk. and finally yeah, we know it's still summer, but wal-mart wants to jump start the holiday toy shopping. >> really? >> yes, really. so tomorrow the retailer is doing this to us. they are kicking off the first ever toy week. it's supposed to be a sneak peek, jan, that's going to give you a heads up on all the toys that will be on the holiday wish lists and, of course, the selections were chosen by the experts, the kids. >> i wonder if santa is going to show up there. >> we'll see. straight ahead an nba all- star slapped with a lawsuit after an alleged gang rape. >> plus police investigate anti semitic vandalism in montgomery county. >> reporter: a young mother who also happens to be a
5:26 pm
soldier in ft. meade found murdered in her apartment, her infant child found unharmed but alone. i'm scott broom in severn, maryland, coming up all: milk! milk! milk! milk! milk!
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there's a new appeal from police this afternoon for information that might help them solve the very disturbing murder of a young mom who was also a soldier at ft. meade in maryland. she was found shot to death in her apartment earlier this week with her baby daughter left alone with her mom's body. scott broom is in severn near ft. meade to bring us up to date on the details now. scott? >> reporter: her name is carlin ramirez, 24-year-old army specialist assigned to ft. meade living with her baby daughter in this apartment behind me on mill stone court here in severn. the circumstances surrounding this very mysterious murder earlier this week really disturbing. carlin ramirez seen in facebook photos, a native of a southwest texas border town living in
5:30 pm
maryland while serving in the army at ft. meade. >> this is something else. >> reporter: today she's the face on a flyer handed out by anne arundel county police to neighbors like alvin zeno. >> crazy to tell you the truth. i'm surprised. >> and they observed that a door was ajar to the residence. >> reporter: police lieutenant brian fraser describing bizarre circumstances. the backdoor of ramirez's house was open and a dog running loose early tuesday morning reported by a passer-by to 911. investigating officers found the door open, the young soldier found shot to death, her young daughter all alone but unharmed. >> there's no sign of forced entry. the door was open. at this time we don't feel there's a threat to the public in that area. >> reporter: according to her facebook page, carlin joined the army in 2013, served in south korea in 2014 and end grew up in south texas, her death here in maryland deeply disturbing. >> it's scary, but that could
5:31 pm
happen anywhere. you got to be careful. >> reporter: police say ramirez was married, but she was home alone with the baby at the time of her crime and her death, police are saying little about her husband except to say they are in touch with him and he is accessible and answering questions. the baby's in the care of people police describe as fell and friends. a brother in texas is saying knock about this except to say that he -- nothing about this except to say that he is in search of answers just like the rest of us. reporting live in severn, maryland, scott broom, wusa9. >> and if you have any information, please contact the anne arundel county police. police in prince william county are looking for someone who touched a child in a wal- mart. here are the surveillance photos. a 12-year-old girl says she was shopping at the store on sudley road in manassas. midnight on august 22nd she was approached by somebody she didn't know. the guy you see right here started touching her inappropriately over her clothes. if you think you know who this
5:32 pm
is, call prince william county police. troubling vandalism in montgomery county, someone painted swastikas on two speed cameras and a community neighborhood sign. officers discovered the graffiti yesterday morning. a short time later a resident called police to tell them about the swastika on the flower valley neighborhood sign in rockville. officers believe the incidents are all related. dozens lined up to purchase tickets to see the washington monument only to find the landmark closed yesterday after an elevator broke down tuesday night. dozens of tourists were guided down hundreds of stairs then. the elevator is now fixed and tours are going on as normal. the murder of two journalists near roanoke has presented media outlets with some pretty difficult challenges. there's a lot of graphic images associated with the story and wusa9 as well as a bunch of others have had to make some tough decisions. >> tonight a lot of people are upset with the daily news for
5:33 pm
publishing three images uploaded by the shooter. web producer joni v. joins us now and the online reaction has been just significant. >> that's right, lesli. the majority of people are very unhappy with the front page of the daily news, so much that twitter users said they'll boycott the paper and asked their followers to do the same. they tweeted the daily news s ha proved to be cold, heartless and classless. this is more than a news story. she is someone's daughter. aaron said there is a point when journalism crosses the boundaries and you just passed it and shannon said if you purchase this morning's daily news, you're every bit as disgusting as they are #boycottdailynews. >> is anyone okay with the cover? >> for the hundreds of angry tweets, a few side with the daily news. joseph said i applaud daily news for the cover. life isn't comfortable and you can't censor out the rough parts.
5:34 pm
one tweeted if you don't like it, don't buy or read it. some of us want a paper that doesn't self censor. the daily news wasn't the only one to publish the graphic images. the new york post and a lot of papers in the uk did as well. tonight news crews across the country are paying tribute to allison parker and adam ward. we -- alison parker and adam ward. we are using the #westand. we remember the two young journalists as their careers were just getting started. the outpouring of support around the u.s. is truly inspiring. their tragic deaths are having a pro found impact on all of us who work in the business, not to mention their friends and families, and no doubt alison and adam
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okay. you played it to this point in the show, we promise -- made it to this point in the show, we promise you we're going to lighten it up. a nasty spill after a cameraman on a segway crashed into him. it happened after bolt won his 10th world medal in beijing today. after picking himself up the olympic champion walked over and made sure the photographer
5:38 pm
was all right. >> i don't know if he's getting up, though. >> he did a flip up, a flip down and a whoa, a flip up. >> look at that. >> he's got some body. look at his muscles. >> that's why we love photographers. they are always rolling and never give up. he was checking on the camera. >> what's he doing on the segway? >> trying to keep up with him. oxford dictionaries is adding some fun new words to its repertoire. you get to tell everybody about this. >> your favorite word, lesli, man spreading. what did you think it was? >> i never heard of it? listen, i don't know. i'd never heard of it. >> well, folks, that's where male commuters spread their legs on trains and buses so that they enroach into other passengers' -- encroach into other passengers' space. >> how about just rude?
5:39 pm
>> and beer o' clock, the appropriate time in the morning to start drinking beer, wine o'clk and cat cafe where people pay to interact at a business and yes, we have one in georgetown in case you ever wanted to go to a caitiff. >> thank you. big news for -- cat cafe. >> thank you. big news for instagram users. before today your pictures needed to be square to be uploaded, but now they can be longer. >> now if they can just allow you to touch it and make it bigger or look at it, note to my friends at instagram. mcdonald's says it does not want any part of the mcchoper. what? >> -- mcwhoper. what? >> it was a proposal from burger king splashed across newspapers yesterday. the idea was to combine the big mac and and whopper and sell
5:40 pm
it all at one store. mcdonald's said we love the intention but think our two brands could do something bigger in our business. you'll join us in a meaningful globe efforts, we'll be in touch. p.s., a simple phone call will do next time. >> that was a big fat no, we're not doing that. a lot of you are getting a kick out of this video on prince george's county police corporal alan jones shows off his skills. look at him go. double dutch. >> that's a cross. >> whoa. >> now he's showing off. >> now you're just showing off, dude. jones uploaded the video from community day last saturday to his facebook page. this has been viewed more than 200,000 times, lesli. we need to get him in here to teach us some such. >> but it's good. and that's what it's going to take to build relationships, right? >> that's some talent right there. twin babies hanging out
5:41 pm
next to each other in their cribs when they should be sleeping. they have something to say until mom chimes in on the baby monitor. >> let me talk to them. [ babies giggling ] >> hi, babies. >> isn't that amazing? and like magic the twins immediately lay back down and pretend to be sleeping and they get back up again. you know a little bit about that, jan, not twins. >> my daughter won't do this. i need this mom to come to my house and sleeptrain my daughter. that would never work at my house. >> pretty soon. one of these days she's going to sleep through the night. the nationals are making a late push for a playoff spot. today's inside pitch will hopefully give them a little bit of motivation. we'll be checking out the team's greatest moments coming up. >> and then right after the break we're going to tell you about a new device that promises to get rid of those pesky pounds in the midsection.
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women know all the spots where it's tough to shake those extra pounds, the tummy, thighs
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and midrift area, but cutting edge technology provides a solution that burns away the fat. >> reporter: lindsay neily is young, active, but fill fighting the battle -- still ghting the battle of the bulge. >> i have a couple stubborn areas that just won't go away even though i work out. i have a great diet of. >> reporter: now she's trying -- diet of. >> reporter: now she's trying out a new fda approved machine called vanquish. >> it basically heats up that fat cell and the water inside that fat cell. it boils over, causes a little bit of damage for the fat. your body comes, eats it away and gets rid of it permanently. >> reporter: lindsay lies in a chair while the vanquish arm is put just above those stubborn love handles. when it's turned on, the machine emits radiofrequency waves that go through the skin burning away the fat cells underneath. >> it just feels a little bit
5:46 pm
warm kind of like the sun. so it just feels like it's just relaxing like you're laying out. >> reporter: each session labs just 45 minutes and the -- lasts just 45 minutes and the doctor recommends four treatments. here's a before and after look at lindsay after one treatment. she lost about an inch of fat. here's another before and after of a woman who had four sessions. >> this young lady lost 2 1/2 inches. the nice part about it is she just maintained what she was already doing, didn't change her diet, but you can see that her abs are ripped up. >> those abs belong to a mother. >> i really wanted to get the weight off my midsection. i had two kids and once i got in my 30s it was a lot harder to get it off. >> reporter: the doctor says it's an easy safe option that gets rid of fat permanently. >> that fat is gone. it's like doing liposuction without having to go under the knife or having any down time
5:47 pm
whatsoever. >> each treatment costs between 650 and $900. while that story was from houston, but we found that emergency was available at several places in montgomery county. three time nba all-star derrick rose has been slapped with a major lawsuit. our media partners at the washington post report the washington bulls point guard is being sued by his ex-girl friend who claims he and two friends drugged and gang raped her. now rose says the claim is just a money grab. his ex says it happened at rose's beverly hills house back in 2013. conservatives are opening a new offensive against planned parenthood. they want the national portrait gallery here in washington d.c. to remove a bust of the organization's founder margaret sanger. a group called for america says sanger favored selective breeding and sterilization to limit the african american population. that claim has been contested and the gallery says it will not do it.
5:48 pm
china has arrested a dozen people over explosions in the city of tianjin this month that killed at least 145 people. the 11 officials and port executives are accused of dereliction of duty or abuse of power. anger over safety standards is growing in china after three decades of swift economic growth marred by incidents from mining disasters to factory fires. a tardy teacher who earns $90,000 a year will keep his job despite being late for work more than 100 times in two years. the 15 year veteran teacher arnold anderson was late to work at his brunswick, new jersey school 111 times. an arbitrator found that the roosevelt school district failed to give him adequate notice to correct his behavior and that anderson is entitled to discipline before being fired. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> great little fall preview here as enjoyable weather.
5:49 pm
it's going to last another day or so before the heat and humidity come back and summer is not over yet, but beautiful now. 81, winds north at 12 miles per hour. that's keeping the dry air coming in. you see it by the dew points in the 50s and humidity again low only 41%, a beautiful evening underway. we're at 81, but look at all the 70s out there with low humidity. it's 82 in fredericksburg and in the mountains only in the low 60s, 40s overnight. for us we're on the east side of the high pressure, normally a dry cool side. this front off the carolina coast is producing showers and storms, but as that high shifts east, our winds will shift to the south and increase the heat and humidity over the next few days. i'll step over here. this is erika and it's starting to flare up a little bit, still very disorganized producing a lot of rain but having a tough time getting the winds going. i switched from the infrared to the visible and you can almost make out the circulation which
5:50 pm
earlier today was open, exposed. now these thunderstorms have caught up to it, so if that holds, potentially she could get stronger. we've got storm warnings in the virgian islands, puerto rico, the dominican republic. in the forecast it is not too close to the dominican republic so it maintains circulation. it goes over the mountains, that will rip it apart. 65 miles an hour sunday afternoon, so a healthy tropical storm and potentially near hurricane strength 2:00 near monday right near west palm beach and parallelling the coast here. we'll have to watch that because that could be a problem for florida up to hatteras. at the beach good looking weekend, 80s. don't forget the sunscreen. it can still do a number on you. 55 to 65 tonight, open the windows again. we start in the 50s and 60s with sunny skies, partly sunny
5:51 pm
in the afternoon, 82 to 87. saturday and sunday, here come the heat, 88 saturday, not too humid, 98 sunday, a stray storm, in fact, a stray storm monday and tuesday, but better chances of that will be in the mountain and then looks like a hot week come our way. our-- coming our way. now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> all season long the washington nationals have been celebrating the first 10 years of their existence. this week the team will commemorate jayson werth's dramatic home run in the 2012 playoffs with a bobblehead in. today's inside pitch holden kushner takes some time to share his favorite memories of the team. >> reporter: the nationals have been back in d.c. for 10 years and i've got about 75 seconds to give you my top 10 moments in nationals history. we start at no. 10 as the nationals made their playoff debut with a 3-2 win over the cardinals in game one of the 2012 division series.
5:52 pm
at nine bryce harper doubles in his season debut. later that year racing teddy breaks a 533 race losing streak for his first win. at seven max scherzer's no hitter earlier this season. at six ryan zimmerman's walkoff winner as the nats top the yankees on father's day 2006. zim comes in at five with his walkoff winner to beat the braves in the first ever game at nationals park. at four the other zim, jordan zimmermann throws the nats' first ever no hitter september 28th, 2014. >> he's got it! >> stephen strasburg electrifying 14 strikeout debut in june of 2010 is worthy of the top spot but comes in third. jason whether's nats park rocking walkoff home run in game four, the 2012nlbs is my no.
5:53 pm
2. >> we will have a game five of this national league division series of. >> reporter: and no. 1, april 14th, 2005, baseball returns to d.c. with a first pitch from president george w. bush. that's my top 10 nats moments in franchise history. for wusa9 sports i'm holden kushner. >> you missed the one with mike hydek who threw out a pitch, too. >> that was no. 11. >> he threw a perfect strike, too. mike was right down there. they could use him. the nats could use a good pitcher these days. hey, coming up at 6:20, of course, we'll be talking skins, robert griffin trying to clarify his injury situation. is he going to be ready to go or not on saturday? i'll let you know, ladies. we'll talk about that coming up in sports. >> also ahead at 6:00. >> reporter: the city of roanoke is grieving after those live on air murders of two television employees many here considered friends. i'm peggy fox. i'll have the story coming up. >> but up next the british take
5:54 pm
on the american farm stand receives the royal seal of approval from prince charles. wow. this thank you .ectacular. we worked with a designer from havertys for a complete refresh. you must be happy to get out of that tiny house? yeah you know when we realized how great the furniture could be, we knew we wanted more space. how much more space? we went from a hundred square feet to... three thousand! (whispers) three thousand! we still have the original structure. she uses it as a yoga studio. it's more like a tool shed. refresh your space with an extra one-hundred dollars
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when you think of a typical highway rest stop, gas station and fast food maybe come to mind. >> and the bathroom, of course. but one service station in england is breaking the mold with a fresh concept. jonathan vigliotti took a road trip west of london to check it out. >> reporter: the gas pumps along england's busy m5 motorway are empty because travelers are busy fulling up on other goods. >> i bought some bread. i bought something for my tea and something for my lunch on the way home. >> reporter: you won't find fast food at the gloucester service center. instead there are rows and rows of organic vegetables, homemade bread, even freshly caught fish. >> i'm like oh, my goodness, why haven't more people done this around the world? it's amazing. >> reporter: it's aida's ling
5:58 pm
british take on the great -- a dazzling british take on the great american farm stand. >> everything is local in the cafe. it's all homemade and we work with some amazing producers, suppliers, farmers. >> reporter: it's a pit stop worthy of royalty. even prince charles took a break from the road to give his official seal of approval. the future king has a passion for organic farming and spent time chatting with workers. the eco conscious building blends into england's rolling hills. the price of food is relatively cheap despite the service station's $60 million price tag. >> it's a lovely concept if you like food. >> reporter: owners hope the fresh approach will lure in the millions who pass by every year. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news, gloucester, england. >> gosh, that is fancy. local farms are reaping the benefits of the new service station. a percentage of the proceeds then goes to them, very cool. right now at 6:00 a virginia community rallying behind the news station where a tv crew gunned down by a former
5:59 pm
co-worker and investigators still try to learn more about why he did it. >> reporter: protesters drown out d.c.'s mayor as she tries to outline a plan to stop the city's spike in homicides. >> and president obama visits new orleans to mark 10 years since the city was just devastated by hurricane katrina. good evening. i'm lesli foster. >> i'm derek mcginty. reeling from a stunning 43% spike in homicides, d.c.'s mayor announced a plan today to try to staunch the blood flow, but she was nearly shouted down by black lives matter demonstrators. our bruce leshan reports the mayor's plan includes more cops and cameras and get tough policy on repeat violent offenders. >> reporter: the mayor is desperate to show that she has a plan to stop the surge in homicides that has left shrines like this across the city,
6:00 pm
especially here in ward 8, but protesters left her struggling to even be heard. >> black lives matter! black lives matter! >> reporter: the mayor insists she is listening. >> who do you serve? who do you serve? >> reporter: and that black lives matter just as much to her. >> i will not be shouted down or scared away when it comes to the safety of the people of the district of columbia. >> reporter: but the protesters shouted that her plan is focused too much on policing and too little on investing in troubled communities. >> did you see what they're doing? i live here. i've got a 17-year-old daughter! >> she comes to a meeting with guns every day and talking about putting more police in the community. that's not the answer. >> reporter: the mayor's plan would give police more power to crack down on re


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